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Today I have some retro vibes. I am wearing a dress that looks like grandma’s robe.* Seriously. The piece I am thinking of was white with some printed flowers and my grandma used to wear it around the house all the time. But it never made it out from home, oppositely to mine, which is most definitely an outwear. We, generation of no dress code, take all these previously home clothes and wear it all around the city in a shape of slip dresses or underwear flexing our chest in a walk of pride. Hell, yeah!

Funny how fashion makes circles, picking up from the past the most surprising elements and bringing them back in the most stylish way. Interestingly what it will choose from our today’s trends. Will it be transparent pants from Topshop** or maybe ruffled footwear*** I recently got and could not be more psyched about? Whatever it is going to be, most probably we will fall for it.




Anyways, I was going to write today a blog post about friendship related issues, but it is so hot that I struggle to gather some reasonable thoughts.

So the thing is that for past couple of weeks, I had been feeling super lonely in all of my relationships. I feel like no one understands what I am talking about. I guess the main issue that I am experiencing is being lost in translation, but with most of my friends I speak my native language, so possibly it is also a lack of ability to express what I want.

And so I choose to sit at home alone. This refuge appeared to be a remedy for the social issues but as my alienation is worrying a lot of my friends, I get thousands of worried messages and end up feeling guilty for pushing away such a great people.

Omg, #babblealert!




Back to the dress, returning fashion trends and my grandma. She was a clever gal choosing such a garment for summer, cos it is airy and soft on the skin. The real deal though is in its flattering design, cos as I see it, every single girl will look in it amazing.

How do you like it? DO you inspire with the style of your relatives? Do you also look for solitude every now and then? Let me know in comments below.

Stay awesome,

STARRING: dress  ATMOSPHERE(from second hand)/shoes MELISA(from second hand)/clutch OASIS(from second hand)/sunnies and ring H&M/earrings IAM

My friend advised these dresses are called in Polish szmizjerka and in English shirt dress. Maybe that is true, but what I was referring to in my post is polish word ‘podomka’, which I failed to translate to English. In polish it defines a dress that is worn at home.

Video by Sodfiya Nygaard about transparent Topshop pants HERE. (She made more videos with ‘the ugliest clothes on earth, it is super hilarious and quite interesting 🙂

My ruffled mules HERE. Funny story, when buying them I thought they were inspired with Miu Miu slides I saw on Aimee Song HERE, but they actually have been inspired with something totally else. Possibly ruffled boots by J.W. Anderson HERE.



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  1. 3C Style says:

    Very nice styling Anja! Love the vintage flair of the dress and the mules OMG … So lovely. Nice rings too. You certainly don’t look like a granny.

  2. My grandmother was a very humble lady. I was only 9 when she passed and can remember a few things about the clothes she wore. I do remember she wore light shades a lot and had pretty collars. I did love her jewelry a lot too. Sigh. I am touched by your post. You look lovely. As a younger girl I often felt like you. I had a hard time related to people. You will find your soul sister friends in time. I did 🙂

  3. RodaM says:

    Lovely outift. I get you about the feeling like you can’t express yourself the way you want to friends sometimes. Trends that I see being resurrected in future from now? I can see embroidery everything making another big splash in like 10 years time. I have a pair of embroidered jeans from the last time it was big which was the mid 2000s. Safiya’s videoes are fascinating, you can tell she often puts a lot of research into them. I have a silk shirt dress that I use as a jacket but my mum comments about how it looks like an at home item x

  4. Anja, I love the dress as blue is one of my favorite colors. Sometimes, it’s good to be alone and collect your thoughts. I have my own Circle of Sisters who I share a lot of things with, but not everything.

  5. Hey beautiful! Lovely post n pics.
    What if I tell you the whole world is lost in translation and stereotypes?!
    Many will not say it😉 You are awesome, courageous, and lucky! Enjoy!

  6. paulashoefiend says:

    Love your dress! It reminds me of dresses my grandmother also wore – I’ve got a few button down dresses now and they’re lovely and flattering.
    Sorry to hear you’re feeling alone, maybe you could write a journal of all your thoughts. I know these days social media can make us all feel connected but still terribly alone and like we’re measuring up.

    ♥ Paula Shoe Fiend.

  7. Love your dress and its vintage granny vibe!

    I think a lot of us feel “different” and “misunderstood.” I also enjoy being home alone without the struggle of “fitting in,” but it’s good also to keep trying to find people on the same page as you. You seem like a lovely person, remember always that you have special gifts to offer others. They would be lucky to have a friend like you.


    1. Anja says: Author

      Thank you, Bettye. I could not agree more with you and as I am on the way to get out of my hole, I will think of your words to keep it up.
      Thank you so much for visiting.
      Happy Wednesday!

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