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For a past couple of weeks, I am mentioning more my passion for thrifting and today I have another video on the subject. It is a thrift haul kept in back to school subject with a bit of a twist added by a challenge.

For this challenge I have set a few rules:
1. I dedicated for thrift shopping 1000 KCZ ( 35 EU)
2. I am going to buy only items that enrich my closet. It means I should not get stuff similar to what I already have, or ones that I would not use after shooting this haul.
3. All the items has to match each other, so it is easy to style them up.
4. I stick to the list of items that I am to buy.
5. Obviously, all the items had to be from second-hand stores.
With these rules in place and camera in my hand I was ready to shop.

As I have finished, I discovered that the outcomes of this challenge were surprising.

Lets start with the numbers. First of all, I spend only half of set budget, even though I bought almost all the items that I had on the list. I put the most get accessories, though, but it was due to following the rule of not buying what I already have. Secondly, I spent only 3.5-4 hours on the whole shopping activities. That is an insanely little amount of time. I was expecting it to be twice as big. I have visited 4 shops.

Apart from numbers, there were also other findings. Firstly, I got surprised with what I got and what I didn’t. I was expecting to get a lot of sportswear, but surprisingly, I end up not getting it at all. On the other hand, I had two pairs of denim on the list and I was expecting not to find them, but I got them before leaving the second store.

The biggest surprise of this challenge, though, was how easily I got all the items from the list. Few times happened, that I wanted to get something, I already had. This point makes me super happy, cos it debunks the myth of thrift stores as ones filled in with everything but what you need. Many times I have heard that when shopping in second-hand stores you should not expect anything. Go with the flow, they say.

I hope that with this challenge I showed a new side of thrift shops, that is super friendly to people like myself, who like to shop for specific items.

For more check my video:

How do you like such challenge? Do you like thrifting? Let me know in the comments below.

Stay awesome!

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    1. Anja says: Author

      Yeah, that was exactly what I said. Oh, now I regret I didn’t take it… I will go for the next one! πŸ˜€

    1. Anja says: Author

      Yeah, you are so right. I do my best to buy only things like this, but it is not always easy… haha. Have a lovely day!

    1. Anja says: Author

      Thanks that means a lot, cos I am learning more and more how to do it. Wishing you to find confidence to also try it πŸ™‚

  1. 3C Style says:

    You know how much I like thrifting so I think this is a fab challenge. I have to admit that I am the kind that go with the flow when it comes to thrifty shopping. Never expect anything. But I usually only get what’s on my list. I really enjoyed your video. You’re so at ease in front of the camera. Good job. Have a great week.

    1. Anja says: Author

      Thank you Dominique. This positive feedback means a lot, as I am learning more and more about how to act in front of the camera. Thank you for watching. Have a lovely day!

  2. alimackin2013 says:

    Thrift shopping can be challenging. I have to be in the mood. When it comes to thrifting I don’t make a list. What I do is scan the racks and look for labels. To me that is the point getting designer pieces for much less. i got a lot of great design item this way.

    Hahaha the head! Yes that is scary.

    Allie of ALLIENYC

    1. Anja says: Author

      Designer pieces for much less is what first pushed me to thrifting. Now it is my favorite way of shopping. And these head made me jump from getting scared many times. I don’t understand why anybody would place just a head right in front of customers faces… Thanks for stopping by! <3

  3. I used to thrift shop more than I do now. Every person I encountered was extremely helpful and always offering me more coupons and discounts. When my babies were babies, I bought most of their wardrobe at thrift stores. One brand new outfit may only survive one outing if I wasn’t careful. Plus mother/baby thriftstores have very supportive networks and ways to resell your items. πŸ™‚

    1. Anja says: Author

      I don’t have kids (yet) but I can imagine. I remember when my sis boy was little, sometime it took him only 2 min to spoil all the outfit. Thanks for stopping by! <3

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