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Its the end of September already. Tie flies. Here are few of my favorite things that filled it in for me this month.


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MUSIC: Condemnation, Depeche Mode. It really suits my mood these days. I remember when I first was listening it was summer 1998 and I found it in shop Kolobrzeg*. I remember listening to it on my walkman, watching the sea. Love this memory. Listen to full album HERE.
*Kolobrzeg is a city on a Polish seaside, where my family spent summer holidays for years. Beautiful place.

MOVIE: Two movies left an imprint on my thoughts this month. Both are about entrepreneurs, both based on real stories. First is The Founder with a history of fast food industry and second Schindler’s List with a WW II history.



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WORK: I continue to wake up early, cos I like to work at these early hours. And I like to watch the sunrise. After visiting my family, I kinda shifted the wake-up time to 8 am, but now I slowly am coming back on track.

BEAUTY: Jason And The Argan Oil Lush shampoo bar. It is ecological, cos has no plastic packaging. It is efficient, cos it’s a month now I am using it and I think this bar will last for 3 months more. And it makes my hair to look amazing!

FASHION: It’s this time of the year when I wear denim all week long. I have a feeling it suits to for any occasion, so I am back in denim, cos denim put a soul in my rock and roll.



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FOOD: I have to admit, that this month was not much about healthy eating. Or maybe better to say, that despite being healthy through the day, my dinners were not at all about healthy eating. I had a lot of pizza this month, but I can’t help it, cos pizza is my ultimate favorite food. But I promised myself to be better next month. Time shall show what happens.

What are you favorites this month?
Let me know in comments below.
Stay awesome,

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  1. I cannot believe it is the end of September already – the month really has flown by! These are some great favourites, especially denim. I am totally obsessed right now. Have an incredible day! xo

  2. latemojito says:

    Saturday has been a rollercoaster to me. Back to school. Back to stress and a lot of dark days. However, the past month was all about future. I’m happy I finally got the courage to email the colleges I want to atrend and to finally take control over my destiny. Unfortunately, I smoked more than planned and had a minimum activity on blog. It was a tough month but I think October will be nicer.
    P.S Can’t wait to listen to the album and watch the movies❤

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