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The fashion month has finished and what’s left after it is a bunch of amazing inspirational pictures. The fashion shows itself were about spring/summer, which won’t come to Brno for months. Keeping in mind my favorite high end events for future, today I am all about street style shots then. They are an ultimate reflection of trends that are about to rule the streets and here are few of them that I am going to follow.

denim street style ss2018 trend

Denim everything is with us for really long time, but in past few seasons also high-end fashion brands have it in their offer. And having the most talented designers supporting this choice, I wear denim day in and day out.


trenddenim ss2018 street styledenim ss2018 street style trendtrend denim ss2018 street styledenim ss2018 street style trendtrend street style ss2018 jumper oversize trend

An oversize trend is popular for a while and as fall is mainly sweater weather, so there is no shocker here. These oldies are goodies, so I am going to enjoy it again. What not to love? They are warm, comfy, and versatile.


trend oversized jumper street style ss2018trend oversized jumper street style ss2018trend oversized jumper street style 2018 sstrend checked coat street style 2018

I LOVE IT AND NEED TO HAVE IT. Really. That is why I had to shout it out loud.


ss 2018 coat checked trend street styless 2018 coat checked trendss 2018 coat checked trendtrend coat checked street style ss2018trend street style red trend ss2018

The hottest trend for AW 2018? Red everything. I have seen a bunch of bloggers pulling on red boots, red jackets or carrying red bags. Red accent looks super cool with my usual all-black winter outfits, so most defo I will go for it as well.


trend red coat ss2018 street stylered magda butrym trend street style 2018 ssred boots street style trend ss2018trend red street style ss2018trend street style suit ss2018

Suits are always in style, so possibly it is my view that has changed. The boring suit I had in my mind for years, transformed into classy and chic one.


suit street style ss2018 trendtrend street style suit ss2018suit street style ss2018 trendtrend street style statement earrings ss2018

How to instantly transform a simple outfit into super sophisticated one? Wear statement jewels. I personally love statement earrings like THIS ONES, that I can’t wear enough.


trend statement earring ss 2018 coat checked12trend denim trench street style ss2018statement earring ss 2018statement earrings trend street style ss2018trend street style statement tee ss2018

I was never a fan of a statement tees, but these days some important messages are carried around on our chests. So instead of always going plain, I make a shoutout every now and then.


trend kendal jenner statement tee ss2018 street styletrend statement tee ss2018 street style irina lenkevictrend ss2018 street style statement tee furtrend hat kate moss street style ss2018

Last year was all about corset belt. It was literally all over the place and I believe I am not the only one, who was afraid to find it even in a fridge. Not anymore, though, cos this year the hottest accessory became this super amazing hat.

And what are your favortie trends for this season?

Stay awesome,

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  1. I liked the checkered coat, but it’s not practical for me. I drive so I rarely wear any heavy jackets ha…I really liked the natural make up and hair with funky earrings! Anyways, cool post!

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