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At the beginning of this year, I am all about my resolutions. One of them is to follow the ideas of a holistic lifestyle which basically means I am choosing to live my life and heal my body through natural remedies.

Holism is the idea that all the systems are a whole. There is religious holism (New Age) and a spiritual one (New Thought), but I want to focus on body and mind connection, seeing it as one organism. These are my main points of focus:

pposters girl ootd winter


1. Mindfulness.
I will focus more on the present than on abstract future. Focusing on future makes me anxious and ungrateful. These two nasty emotions need to be gone asap.

2. The power of my body.
My body is my temple (cliche, but so true.) Being healthy and happy is about listening to it and following it’s advances.

pposters girl ootd winterpposters girl ootd winter


3. Clean foods.
Natural, homemade foods are already my go to, but now I wanna focus on products I use. I wanna go for local products, to support the economics of country I live in. On the top of that, I think I will research paleo based diet (and if this one wont suit me, other ones)

4. Positive relationships.
I don’t want negative energy in my life, so I will do my best to avoid negative, toxic relations. I am still learning how to be assertive, but I strongly believe that mastering assertiveness, is a key to healthy relations with others.

pposters girl ootd winter


5. Recycling.
I wanna go zero waste, but until it happens, I recycle everything. By everything, I mean literally everything: packaging, clothing, foods. My goals are to use and reuse items I have and find a new home for ones, I don’t need anymore.

6. Grow.
No goals put me in a limbo, so taking small steps to become a better person is a good way to improve well being. For now, I wanna do some job related courses, master my knowledge of Russian, get better with my photo and video skills.




7. Respect.
Being humbled is important when one is so focused on selling themselves as the best ever.


8. Gratefulness.
My life is already great, but I need to remind myself of it. Otherwise, I get stuck in some limbo, where I feel like nothing has sense.

Have you heard of holistic lifestyle? DO you have any advices? Let me know!

STARRING: top NO NAME, jacket DENIMCO, shoes NIKE AIR, (all thrifted), pants PULL AND BEAR

pposters girl ootd winterpposters girl ootd winterpposters girl ootd winterpposters girl ootd winterpposters girl ootd winter

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