I was again experiencing some website issues, when uploading this post. I already reported it to hostgator, but it is frustrating.

This writings are going to be only about what I am wearing in this post. It is a simple denim look and this is one of my favs this season.


Firstly, I loooove this button up jumper from French Connection. I got it during the swap party Asia organized and I think it is one of my favorite pieces of this winter. Not only that it is 100% wool, but it also looks so cool!

These pants, though… ah… these pants are hit and miss at the same time. I love how they look and they are quite comfy. They are from a raw denim, though and I think I didnt fit them properly, cos they seem to be a little tight especially after a meal. I think I will get exactly the same pair, but size up. Hm… but maybe another I will get in lighter shade. Not to multiply exactly the same item. But before I go to the mall, lets see, when I will find one like this thrifting 🙂



Anyway, when I was putting this look together, the main point of focus was blazer alike coat. Oh, if only I could find something exactly like this, but not as warm… Now thinking of it, I remember that I had to tailor this coat to fit so perfectly. Maybe its time to consider tailoring to be a way to find a perfect blazer? No other way, seems to be working, so far 😛

Do you like raw denim? Do you tailor your clothes?

Stay awesome,


DSC_2387DSC_2388STARRING: jumper FRENCH CONNECTION, denim PULL&BEAR, shoes ZARA, coat VINTAGEDSC_2392DSC_2400DSC_2406DSC_2407DSC_2412DSC_2418DSC_2410DSC_2430DSC_2431DSC_2436DSC_2438DSC_2445DSC_2451DSC_2453DSC_2455DSC_2456

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  1. 3C Style says:

    Great scarf. Very nice add to the look! You are so lucky to be able to take off your coat. Here it is bitter cold with -20 to -26… But plenty of sun! Dominique xoxo

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