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It is super difficult to make good outfit pictures during winter. There is so little light here, that I almost forgot how the sun looks like. And so, today I have a slightly different post.

Today I bring to the table a few fashion snapshots. It’s stars are the results of my last sales spree. Mainly footwear.

The first pair, orange slides, are a piece of art. I can’t wait to wear it with blue denim, and the white tee. Very Aimee Song.

The second pair pointed flats with faux fur are purchase of reason. I strongly believe that they are perfect for first days of spring. Think of a day when it is too cold for pumps, but too warm for boots.

Third are nude pumps. These were the apple of my eye since I saw them in regular price. I am a kind of gal, who likes to get everything half priced so I waited and it did pay off.

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On the top of all that footwear, I got a pair of blue mum denim. I feel like this is the only design that suits me. There is something about the way it lies on my ass, that I find gorgeous. Surprisingly though, the guy I wanted to impress the most, said it does not look attractive at all. #epicfail

On the list of my treasures, I have also a unique bra from Rilke. I got it for Xmas from my mum. This is literally, the most awesome gift she could have made, cos I was dreaming of a bra like this for ages. Getting one from a polish brand makes it even more sophisticated and luxurious. THANK YOU, MUM!

How do you like such posts? I would love to change it into a series. Firstly, I cos wanna master my photographic skills. Secondly, I cos wanna add some self-created content to my Tumblr account. And thirdly, cos I wanna approach fashion from a different perspective. There is so much more to fashion blogs than just ootds (which I still love and will continue to post)

Let me know!
Stay awesome!

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  1. 3C Style says:

    I do like your pics Anja. Very creative approach. Nice post too. Yes, there is more to fashion than just clothing, but like you say love my #OOTD too… Can’t live without it either!

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