A couple of shots from a trip we had in December.

These little trips to Vienna became such a regular thing, I rarely see it as an event. I rarely differ them. I don’t know what I did with whom. I am always surprised that my companions don’t know where is what and where to go. Like topography of Vienna would be the thing we all know from birth.

This time we went for the Xmas markets. It wasn’t my idea. K4514 wanted to see Xmas markets, D4R14wanted to go to Primark and I was in for a one day gate away. I would go literally everywhere if I had an opportunity, but I was super excited that from all of the cities we will go to Vienna.


The capital of Austria is a place of my childhood memories. I’m pretty sure that one of them is fake, but I still like it. It is about my mum in her white fur. This white fur makes me sure the memory is fake. Every time I visited Vienna in childhood, it was on the way to Zillertal Valley. We used to ski there and I am sure my mum wouldn’t take fur for such trip. Usually, she was wearing a gold jacket and unforgettable silver skiing costume. I think if she wears it today, she will still rock! It is incredible how some of the clothes are so in style, they become timeless.

Anyways, the Vienna, us and winter seemed to be an awesome idea and so we went. I didn’t like Xmas markets much. It was like consumerism with consumption had teamed up. I did love the walk through the old town, though. We had a coffee in some local place. If you ever go to Vienna check these old coffee places. The service is always slightly careless, but the climate and the smell of cakes totally balance it.

Have you ever visited Vienna? Let me know!


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