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February began. Is it just me or does the time flies? Well, whatever it is, let me share with you what happened last month and what I am planning for the next one.

One of my New Year resolutions was to read more books and so at the moment, I read 2 simultaneously. I need to finish them both before the second week of February to stay within the schedule, so I am quite stressed I won’t make it. So one is Bukowski’s South of The North (HERE), which I have started back in September, but never finished. The second one is also one I have started last year. It treats about anthropogenesis and was written by two polish scientists: Tadeusz Bielecki and Konrad Fijalkowski. Polish link to Wiki page is HERE, I didn’t find its English version, so cannot share any links :/


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The movie of this months is American Made (TRAILER). A very nicely shoot story of an American pilot, who totally by accident got involved into huge operation lead by CIA. What is cool about it is that it is based on a true story, has gorgeous pictures and amazing colors. #spoileralert The reason why this movie moved me so deeply, is cos totally legally it is shown here how CIA is meddling with world peace, sticks their nose everywhere where they see a tiny bit of money and how they allow for the most unspeakable to happen under their wings. If you seen it, let me know your opinion.

I am all about 100% natural stuff, so my favorites are also 100% natural.
Firstly,, I fell in love with savon noir. I got it as an alternative to glyco peeling and I am amazed with it’s results. Plus it does not have a fragrance, for what it gets from me a huuuuge plus. I got one from company NATURALME, which I could not find online (I guess they haven’t enter XXI century yet).
Secondly, I have discovered anti aging serum, that really makes my skin to glow. It contains soy oil, grape seed oil, argan oil, and lavender oil. Check it out HERE.


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Statement earrings. They can shake the whole outfit and so almost all the images in this post are dedicated to them.

This month was neither a success nor a failure. I did not manage to exclude the dairy from my diet, cos I did not realize how much twarog (kind of curd rich in proteins) I eat. On the other hand, I did manage to eat very little processed foods (including pastries such as croissants that I miss a lot) so I believe that there is a chance for me.
Additionally, I have found an amazing alternative to sweets. It is (drums, please) cocoa powder with hot water, a spoon of coconut oil and like 3-4 spoons of rice milk. It tastes great, kills my craving for chocolate and warms me up during winter evenings.

January was about yoga, but it is done now. I managed to do yoga for 31 one days in a row!!!! Yupi! Now, new challenges and I am already excited about more demanding exercises. It is going to be a set of 3 activities- swimming pool, OPUS with Jillian Michaels and pull up/push up focused workout. The goal is to learn to pull myself up, as till today, I did not manage to do that and to shape my booty Kardashian style. (btw, have you seen these Kims Instagram pics? what do you think about them?)


interior design bedroom

I am learning to live plastic-free, but so far, I feel this is totally impossible. How is that possible that every single thing is wrapped in plastic??? Especially frozen fruits. Does it mean that from now on, I have to get a freezer and buy thousands of pounds of strawberries in June??? Any tips???
For a time being, I have ordered bamboo toothbrush. It has just come via post few days ago and, but will let you know about it’s quality and functionality.

I haven’t been anywhere and to be honest for whole January getting out of my bed seemed to be equal with any type of journey through the galaxy. To follow up on my new years resolution, I do have some stuff coming soon, so stay tuned and I will let you know what am I up to.

I have quit weed. So far I don’t see a huge difference in my mood, nor any other aspect of my life, but as soon as I do, I will share it.

What are your favorites for this month? Let me know!

And stay awesome,


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  1. 3C Style says:

    Really interesting post Anja… Love your earrings pics (Loewe’s one are gorgeous) and curious about the soap (savon noir) but most of all knowing you are alright brings a smile to my face. Yes, keep up with your resolutions… xoxo

  2. Anindya says:

    Nice post Anja…..yeah, i have seen American Made….nice one, with some bitter truths… your pictures……and Kim’s instagram :)…sexy as hell……

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