So I have changed layout again. This time not only that. This time I made a commitment and I have bought the domain. It was a big step, even though it costs just 18 bucks per month. I struggle with committing to anything or anyone, but on the way to be better and better that … Read More


Knitwear obsession continues… Is it a sign of mature style or repetitiveness if I constantly come back to the same trend? Oh, who cares? As I enjoy it, it doesn’t matter and I will wear it even every day. Okay, not every, because there is one lousy fact about knitwear, which is its uselessness during … Read More


When updating my wardrobe before winter I focused on knitwear. After hours of online research, I have found the perfect braided knit on that brought to my mind amazing Alexander Wang’s piece from AW2015 fashion show and I just had to get it! Now it has eventually arrived and I could not be happier with … Read More


Two top trends, 70s and minimalism, interweave with each other in a natural way and create an inspiring combo in shots of Ptaszek pre-fall collection. Model: Daggi Str Clothes: Ptaszek, shop it HERE.


Sometimes I can stare for hours at the water. It doesn’t matter whether it is a sea, a lake, a fountain or any other kind of water spring. I just sit, look at it and it calms me down. I do that to chase away demons of rush hours and look into myself, find some … Read More